Racoon Hair Extensions

The Racoon Hair Extensions from Elle J Hair & Beauty can be worn in several exciting and different ways.

At Elle J we place Racoon Hair Extensions are placed in the hair with small micro beads of glue, making them virtually invisible.

Racoon Hair Extensions can give you length and volume in your hair or just be used for a splash of colour to add interest.

Our Racoon Hair Extensions come in a variety of different textures to match your natural state of hair, whether it be straight, deeply waved or softly waved.

Make your hair look different and exciting

Racoon Hair Extensions also come in many different lengths ranging from 10 inch - 20 inch (21 centimetres - 51 centimetres) and in a wide range of colours.

Come to Elle J Hair & Beauty and transform the look of your natural hair with Racoon Hair Extensions which you can style and fall just like natural hair.

Our multi award winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to its unique inert polymer bond non-allergy synthetic, which leaves no trace or residue.

Racoon Hair Extensions are applied over three to four hours and can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments.

A free consultation is given taking into consideration your face shape, lifestyle, and texture of your hair before we offer you all the latest and best in hair treatments.

You can talk to one of the members of our specialist hair care team who will be happy to answer any questions and talk about our prices.

Why not ring us or pop in for chat now about our amazing Racoon Hair Extensions...